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Vettel: the non-news has arrived

Sebastian Vettel continues with Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team. Here is the natural evolution of a path undertaken with responsibility and conscience, the logical continuation of a story to be brought to completion. About three weeks ago Alonso confirmed the renewal with Alpine. The announcement was received without the slightest clamor, since Fernando’s return to the circus presupposed a multi-year presence that could hardly have been interrupted after only one year of stay.
The same thing should have happened for the four-time World Champion at Lance Stroll’s court.

Yet, perhaps out of boredom or perhaps due to polemical distortion, Vettel is always on everyone’s lips. So much so that, in this regard, a large part of the press has dabbled in competing for the most imaginative version. Disturbing, dystopian hypotheses that seemed to come straightly from a multiverse. With lots of more or less credible names to increase the level of suggestion. There was talk of Hulkenberg but also of Alonso as Seb’s substitutes. But these rumors, as well as being groundless, bordered on absurdity for at least two reasons: a matter of marketing and intentions.

Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin Cognizant Team) exchanges a gesture of understanding with a mechanic during the weekend of the 2021 Italian Grand Prix.

Aston Martin has focused on Vettel as an image man, but above all as an experienced driver able to bring surplus of value to a team that needs to grow. Sebastian has refined the working methodology, providing valuable guidance and helping to optimize some procedures. For this reason, as we anticipated over ten days ago (read more here), giving up the German would have been a sensational own goal by an ambitious team that intends to emerge in the Formula One panorama.

It should also be considered perhaps the most important thing of all: Sebastian’s will, combined with his true passion for this sport. You don’t need to be a cheap psychologist to point out the obvious. Those who know Vettel can easily guess that he is not the type to leave in the course of work, even in the face of a disappointment. The years with Ferrari were far from simple, but Sebastian has never stopped believing in the team and in the project.

The first season in Aston Martin showed dark colors far from the rosy premises and the proclamations. Reliability and consistency have failed and the fluctuating performance of the car has not allowed him to express himself at his best. Despite this, the Heppenheim driver was the author of masterful performances, small driving masterpieces to celebrate and admire, as the result of determination and intact skill.

The concentration of Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin Cognizant Team) riding his AMR21 during the 2021 Italian Grand Prix weekend.

But the story of these first months in Aston Martin is not limited to points and does not end with podium exultation. Its plot gives us peaceful moments, rediscovered smiles, communion of intent. The gloomy looks of 2020 are now a distant memory. Sebastian shows enthusiasm, calmness and the concrete will to build a winning circle. The love ended with Ferrari did not turn into grudge, it is simply part of a closed chapter.

While now more fresh and vital words are about to intertwine to compose the narration of his present and his future. Green, intense, full of unprecedented challenges to face. Because Sebastian loves Formula One and can not wait to greet the new generation cars. Vettel bets on more exciting races and counts on the fact that such revolutionary changes will favor a sort of balance between the teams. An opportunity not to be missed for the champion and for Aston Martin.

That’s why it would have been unlikely to believe in his retirement at the end of the season. The German is not the type to abandon the ship to throw himself into the embrace of a safe harbor, he is not meant for the quiet, but he wants to continue to fight for the things he believes in. Today as well as tomorrow.

F1-AutoreVeronica Vesco – @VeronicagVesco

Translation by: Patrizia Campanella

Foto: Aston Martin Cognizant Team

Veronica Vesco
Veronica Vesco
Il candore di un foglio bianco che m'invita alla scrittura. Il fragore di una monoposto rossa che accende la mia natura. Due colori tratteggiano il mio profilo fin dall'infanzia. Due colori capaci di accompagnarmi nel tempo, assumendo molteplici tonalità, sfumate dagli eventi della vita. Da una penna a una tastiera. Da un'auto a pedali agli autodromi. Da una laurea in Lettere al primo libro. Sempre nel segno di una Ferrari. Sempre con il sogno di cavalcare le mie passioni.

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